K-How (高浩哲):Put Taiwan on the Global Hip-Hop Map

K-How (高浩哲) is a rapper, music producer and Hip-Hop artist, and a member of Heli Crew (海底隊)。His signature and quintessential trap sound infused with lyrics Taiyu ( 台語), has brought new and exciting energy into Taiwan’s hip hop scene. In 2019, K-How released his album SCORCH (日頭赤炎炎). He wrote about Vasa (木柵), his hometown in the southern Taipei, in the song VASA.

While drawing a map, K-How talked about his experiences going to college in Vasa, as well as the locations of the venues he goes to. He spoke of the growing Hip-Hop scene in Taipei as well as his dedication to producing Taiwan’s Hip-Hop— music that is full with local meanings, but immersed in the global music scene at the same time.

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