T-Pan (潘偉凡):Music Producer Between Home and Studio, Always Online

T-Pan (潘偉凡) is the co-founder of Only Music (唯有音樂), and he’s a music producer, song-writer, arranger, and band-leader. He has a wide range of experiences in music production, including composes and produces music for musicals, fashion shows, and recently produced the EP of Nasi Li (李芷婷), After Utopia (美麗舊世界).

T-Pan introduces us a music producer’s journey in the city by highlighting various activities that he often engages in, from visiting music labels, participating co-writing sessions with other musicians, to going to live houses in Taipei. He also emphasises that the most important places for him are home and the office, where his music writing and production is done. ‘As a musician, the musical work always comes first’, he said.

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