Li Li-Chin(李俐錦): Crossing Borders Through Arts and Music in Taipei

Li Li-Chin is a sheng (笙) player and composer born in Taiwan in 1988. She actively explores musical possibilities through sheng, electronic music and multi-media projects. She is a member of Taiwan-based “Kao Dao Yin” improvisation ensemble. Ka Dao Yin’s debut album Four Characters was named Best Jazz Solo and Best Jazz Album at the 3rd Golden Indie Music Awards in 2012. The group was also nominated for Best New Ensemble. Kao Dao Yin’s second album, Slow, won Best Crossover Album at the 25th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2014.

While drawing a musical map, Li-Chin said there has been enough venues in Taipei, but seeing a performance in the evening is not perceived as an everyday choice which the majority of people would go for. She spoke of her hope for Taiwan’s future music scene: one that is vibrant and accessible for all.

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